What an amazing 10 Day Eat Local Challenge to wrap up our first annual SEAK Local Foods Challenge! Thank you to all who participated.
During this challenge, people cooked meals with local ingredients foraged, grown, hunted, fished, bought locally, and/or shared from this year. They then shared photos of their meals either on the Local Foods Challenge SEAK Facebook page and/or Social Media with #localfoodschallengeseak. Each day, one entry was chosen to receive a prize: a Salt & Soil Marketplace-themed prize bag.
The Winning dishes were:
Day 1: 100% Local Eggs, shrimp, winter chanterelles, zucchini & leeks from garden
Day 2: Raspberry soufflé: 100% local, six eggs, one pint jar of applesauce made with Williams Pride apples, and raspberries
Day 3: 100% locally grown or harvested: Sheep Creek coho/chives/garlic/parsley; roasted potatoes/beets/carrots; stir fried kale/cabbage/chard/onion/leeks/funnel chanterelles; salad of lettuces/spinach/chard/arugula/mustard greens/lemon sorrel/mint garnished with nasturtiums and last raspberries of the year; parfait of rhubarb/strawberries/crabapple/raspberries/red & black currants/blueberries/salmonberries/high bush cranberries
Day 4: Icy Strait breaded halibut with blueberry-rhubarb chutney, Gustavus beets with feta, sautéd local onions, garlic, beet greens, kale, & swiss chard from garden.
Day 5: 100% local salad with 20 ingredients
Day 6: Homegrown Zucchini with Basil and Mint
Day 7: Venison spaghetti with sautéed beach asparagus
Day 8: Sorrel cake with sorrel frosting and salmonberry center and topping
Day 9: Banana and Peanut butter and jelly muffins with Salmonberry, Huckleberry, and Blackberry
Day 10: Local eggs, potatoes, garlic, chives, carrots, parsnip, rose petals, broccoli, kale, nasturtium leaves and sorrel