Prince of Wales Island - Kasaan

Kasaan means Beautiful Village in Tlingit. It is located at the end of an 18-mile gravel road. Because the location is so remote, access is a challenge. Despite being remote, Kasaan is vibrant community with a flourishing school greenhouse, the Totem Trail Cafe, annual harvesting events, an active carving and artist community and natural splendor. Kasaan is developing a tourism industry that celebrates this community’s remote beauty and unique cultural history. 

Kasaan is one of the last two Haida villages left in the United States. It has one of the only traditional Haida homes that are still standing. In the native language, it is called the Naay I’waans Longhouse.  The three main organizations in our community are; Organized Village of Kasaan,  Kavilco and the City of Kasaan. There are approximately 80 people that live in Kasaan year round. There is a  school that teaches K-12 grade and a small native Cultural learning Center/library.

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Kasaan Community Harvest

The annual Kasaan Community Harvest brings together people from across Prince of Wales Island to Kasaan to share techniques in harvesting, process salmon and other wild edibles and to celebrate place. This year, the fifth annual harvest event will be held August 10-11, 2018.  The Kasaan Community Harvest welcomes everyone. It will be held in tents near The Totem Trail Café in Kasaan on Prince of Wales Island. Participants will can, freeze, and dry local foods and health tinctures. A Farmers Market, Potluck, and Cook-off will take place.

For more information, contact Terry West and the OVK at (907) 401-0824 or (907) 542-2230. This event is sponsored by OVK, the Sustainable Southeast Partnership, Kasaan Barry Stewart School, City of Kasaan Volunteer Fire/EMS and University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service Juneau District.

Kasaan School and Community Gardens

The Kasaan School uses a biomass heated greenhouse. In addition, the students raise chickens and the community of Kasaan has raised beds for resident use. A community and school garden committee meets weekly. If you are interested in touring the greenhouse or learning more about Kasaan’s growing programs please contact Terry West (907)-401-0824. 

Low Income/Teacher Housing Duplex

Tlingit and Haida Regional Housing Authority, the Kasaan Community, Southeast Island School District and the City of Kasaan are all partnering to build a duplex to expand affordable housing options in Kasaan. Additionally, the community is crafting affordable housing solutions with a goal to encourage teachers to live in Kasaan while teaching at the local school.

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