Regional Catalyst for Natural Resources

bob_christensenBob Christensen is the SSP Regional Catalyst for Community Forestry and Fisheries.

Bob’s job is to work with the SSP community catalysts on natural resource assessments, planning, project prioritization, workforce development, project implementation, business development, subsistence enhancement, habitat restoration, tourism enhancement, non-timber forest products enhancement, timber enhancement, etc. Bob also works with a variety of other folks in conservation NGOs, business groups, tribal organizations, chambers of commerce, city, state and federal governments on enhancing the socio-political environment for communities to be successful stewards of the lands and waters that surround them.

Bob lives on Lemesurier Island, near Glacier Bay, Alaska and has been working as an environmental consultant in Southeast Alaska for about 15 years. Bob loves to hunt, fish, kayak, hike, hangout with his daughter, play Catan with friends, etc.

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