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SE AK Food System Assessment

Southeast Food System ReportThis report was completed by our Regional Catalyst for community food system sustainability, Lia Heifetz, in 2014. This project was co-sponsored by the SE Conference (Lia’s sponsoring organization in the SSP), Barb Sheinberg & Associates (local community planning consultant agency), and the University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service. The report is based on 4 months of pilot research conducted by Lia and includes the results of a regional food cultivators survey, subsistence food focus group session and recommendations for growing food production in Southeast Alaska.

Click here to read this report.

Kake Biomass Resource Assessment

kake-biomassThis resource assessment report was developed by Bob Christensen (SSP coordinator) in support of a grant proposal to the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) for funding to establish a biomass heat utility in the community of Kake. This report filled the need for a wood supply assessment in a biomass utility feasibility study. Adam Davis (SSP Community Catalyst) at the Organized Village of Kake coordinated this effort with the help of Todd Bailey (SSP Regional Catalyst), including the contracting of Andrew Haden of Wisewood (through a JEDC grant) to be the primary consultant on this project. AEA awarded the grant in 2014. Click here for the report.

Sitka Salmon Manual

sitka-salmon-guideThis publication was developed by our partner the Sitka Conservation Society to compile everything they learned from the Salmon Tours project about telling the story of Salmon’s important role in environmental, economic and social sustainability of their community. It includes a number of interesting facts about salmon ecology, salmon’s role in Sitka’s economy, the various ways in which salmon are caught and processed, importance in Tlinget Culture, etc.

Click here to visit the SCS web site where you can read the full publication.

Guide to Tongass Young-growth

tongass-yg-guideOne of our former Sitka Community Catalysts developed a partnership between her host organization (SCS) and a local high-school to explore and demonstrate ways that young-growth red alder and Sitka spruce from the Tongass can be used in building and woodworking. The projects that resulted are profiled in this guide.

Click here to visit the SCS web page where you can read the full guide.

Sitka Community Use Area Restoration Priorities

scua-restoration-prioritiesOur Regional Catalyst for community-based natural resource management (Scott Harris) developed this report to share the results of a survey designed to help Sitkans identify community priorities for stream and forest restoration. The highest priority location identified through this effort was the Katlian watershed. Other places within the top 5 include Shelikof Creek and Nakwasina River. The survey also identified the values and activities that are most important to Sitkans when accessing public lands. Scott combined the best of what is available for watershed ecological assessments with the survey data to come up with a Strategic Plan for restoring the watershed that are important to people living, working, and playing in the Sitka Community Use Area.

Click here to visit the Sitka Conservation Society web page where you can read this report.

Hoonah Community Forest Report

Hoonah Community Forest ReportThis report describes a community-based approach to land management for the Hoonah community use area that focuses on balancing salmon and deer habitat productivity with a sustainable approach to old-growth logging. The report was co-written by the SSP coordinator in 2008 and represents a significant step toward the community-based approach to ecological conservation that is at the heart of the SSP.

Click here to read the report.


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