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Kruzof November 2012 Trip Report

kruzof-2012-trip-reportOur Regional Catalyst for community-based natural resource management (Scott Harris) developed this trip report to highlight restoration opportunities on Kruzof Island. Kruzof island is a popular location within the Sitka Community Use Area. This trip report includes background landscape ecological information for the area of interest, provides a description of a ground-truthing field trip conducted by a community collaborative group and summarizes a set of recommendations for recreation, restoration and utilization opportunities.

Click here to visit the Sitka Conservation Society web page where you can read this trip report.

Tongass Forest Restoration Report

Tongass Forest RestorationThis report was completed by the SSP coordinator in 2012. It is a comprehensive review of existing literature on forest restoration techniques that are applicable to Southeast Alaska and includes sections on defining ecological restoration, reasons for doing restoration, ecological restoration techniques and GIS based-modelling of prioritizing restoration projects based on ecological and social values.

Click here to read this report.

Kake Community Forest Report

Kake Community Forest ReportThis report describes a community-based approach to land management for the traditional territory of the Keex’ Kwaan people (Kake) area that focuses on balancing salmon and deer habitat productivity with a sustainable approach to old-growth logging. The report was co-written by the SSP coordinator in 2011 and represents an evolutionary step in developing a community-based approach to ecological conservation that was started with the Hoonah Community Forest Report in 2008.

Click here to read the report.


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