Post by Quinn Aboudara in Klawock on Prince of Wales Island

My buddy Ed (who grew up in urban New York) got his first bucks ever (two in one day!) this weekend so he brought them to us and I had the joy of teaching him how to skin, process, smoke and package his first deer.

Teaching Ed our way of life has been a huge pleasure, and a large responsibility for me but I’m proud of his ability to learn and his truly amazing and giving heart.

And speaking of giving heart, Ed gave the heart of his very first kill to a pair of community elders, the second he gave to my sister and her husband who haven’t been able to hunt or fish this season as they are building their new home.

I’m proud that he has learnt our way of life (a mix of Tlingit/Haida/Nordic/Jewish/Irish traditions and values) and embraces it so well.

Our family (which now includes Ed as I consider him a brother) believes in giving and supporting our community. Our dad (RIP) had a formula 60/20/20. 60% of our harvest goes to the community immediately, we give to the elders, those who can’t harvest, and those who need it the most have always come first, 20% is preserved and stored to give to the community later, for wedding, funerals, etc. and we, our immediate family keep 20% to feed our family.

So gunalcheesh, howaa, skal, toda, go raibh maith agat! to my brother Ed who also gave a several packages of deer meat to the klawock tribe so they can distribute into the community. He gave several packages of deer meat to my mother (and made sure to give her the nice back strap), and he shared with my own house. He even gave me a back strap (which he ate half of for dinner hahaha) as I have not been able to hunt yet due to a shoulder injury, and he gave some to another community member that isn’t able to hunt.

Well done Ed!