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Moby the Mobile Greenhouse


Every year, Moby will travel to a new community to kick-start local growing efforts. Over the last three years, Moby spent growing seasons in Juneau, Kake, and Hoonah. 

This spring, Moby the Mobile Greenhouse will travel to Yakutat. Yakutat City School partnered with Yakutat Tlingit Tribe with the support of the US Forest Service, to work towards their long-term interest in having a permanent greenhouse. The Yakutat Tlingit Tribe (a close partner of the Yakutat School District for many projects) has a goal of developing food sustainability within the community. They have a strong Tlingit Language program in the school that includes language for plants. With this partnership, both the language program and the environmental programs will have strong involvement exploring how Moby can lead to a more permanent structure and become a part of the community.

To apply to use Moby, the Mobile Greenhouse in your community check back in the fall for detail on the application period. 

Questions? Email lia@growsoutheast.com or call 907.321.5425 



Moby Fact Sheet

Teacher Manual and Activity Guide

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Check Out Some Recent Photos of Moby in Action!


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