Totem Trail Cafe: Mounting the painting by William Stewart, “A Carving Lesson” .

Totem Trail Cafe

  • Participated in a potluck for the Carving Shed Expansion and unveiled a painting by William Stewart of “A Carving Lesson” at the Cafe.
  • Completed the ADEC Application for Food Establishment Permit . Included extensive research to gather necessary information, including maps, drawings, and schematics for all equipment.
  • Submitted the DEC Plan Review Application which included documenting potable water supply, wastewater and solid waste disposal, and floor plans.
  • Worked with Karen Petersen, of the UAF-Cooperative Extension, to provide Hospitality Training.

Discovery Cabins

  • Continued to book cabins and trouble-shoot any problems.
  • Investigating online booking.
  • Developing a “Welcome to Kasaan” booklet for the cabins and the Café.

Path to Prosperity Competition

  • Continue to gather information that will be used at Business Boot Camp.

For additional information about the Tribe, see the Organized Village of Kasaan website.