Prince of Wales Island - Klawock

Klawock, Alaska is located on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska.  It is a small coastal community, surrounded by mountains and water.  Originally a seasonal fishing camp for the indigenous Tlingit people, Klawock is situated at the mouth of the Klawock River- once known for its great Sockeye salmon returns.  Today, it is still known as a fishing community with a small but robust fishing fleet.  In addition, a local timber mill supports the community and provides employment to a large number of people throughout Prince of Wales Island.

Klawock is a hub, the central community that ties the other outlying communities of Prince of Wales Island together due to its central location along the junction of the two major roadways that stretch across the island.  Its location also provides easy access to local recreation and subsistence activities such as hunting, fishing, berry picking, and mushroom gathering. 

As a historically booming fishing community, fish, and Sockeye salmon are always a focus and priority for the community of Klawock.  Known for being the site of the first commercial cannery in Alaska, its fishing industry was supported by one of the largest runs of Sockeye salmon in the world.  A run that is now diminished to less than one tenth its historical numbers.  This is a matter of great concern as traditional and cultural values clash with modern industry and development.

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Klawock Lake Watershed Project

The Klawock Lake Watershed was once the site of one of the world’s largest sockeye salmon runs. Today, the run is diminished to less than one tenth its historical size. Sockeye salmon are a staple of traditional and cultural food, are a trade and barter item between communities and are ecologically invaluable. The decline of sockeye salmon is not only a priority for the residents of Klawock, but important to all residents of Prince of Wales Island  because many residents travel from communities across Prince fo Wales to fish here. Klawock Heenya Corporation, Shaan-Seet Incorporated, Klawock Cooperative Association, the Sustainable Southeast Partnership, The Nature Conservancy, US Forest Service, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition, Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership and the communities on Prince of Wales are all working together to study and understand reasons for this decline and to chart a path forward to rebuild salmon stocks.   

Contact for more information on how to get involved and click here for an in depth analysis about this decline written by the Nature Conservancy.

Training Rural Alaskan Youth Students and Leaders

The Training Rural Alaskan Youth Students and Leaders or TRAYLS program is entering its second year of activity. The goals of this summer-long program are to provide hands on experience with natural resource management technical skills and cultural knowledge while preparing youth to occupy leadership roles in their communities.  

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