May 2014 Micro Hydro Group -0355My work highlight since I last reported on the SSP web site is that I was able to attend a week long micro-hydro training with Adam (Kake community catalyst) down in Paonia, CO. The training was excellent. We had 16 folks in the class, including people from Brazil, Barbados and Indonesia. The instructor had over 30 years of experience in renewable energy project development. There was a lot of math work in class but it was well-balanced with lab work and field trips. The training was offered by Solar Energy International. Adam and I both came away with a resounding endorsement of their staff and programs and we hope to have the opportunity to visit them again for additional training in the near future. We are also eager to apply our new knowledge and are tentatively planning a trip to Kasaan to assess one of their local streams for hydro potential.

Most of the rest of this reporting period I worked on a raft of coordination projects that are only recently underway, including: organization of a common agenda workshop for this Fall, organization of a Sustainable Southeast Network meeting this fall, development of a plan for measuring and tracking program impacts, working with Shaina and Todd on dovetailing SEACC and REAP’s energy programs, developing a detailed list of example projects for fundraising efforts, organizing enrollment of SSP staff in the Simon Fraser University Community Economic Development program and working with Bethany on a few storytelling pieces for some of our showcase projects.