Are you interested in learning more about ways to reduce energy use and HELP your neighbors?  Do you want to earn money on your own schedule? 

The new Home Energy Leader Program (HELP) provides training and resources to residents in Southeast Alaska to lower their energy bills through efficiency and conservation measures.  The program includes a free one-day training on January 23, 2018 in Juneau for one to two residents of each community to become “Home Energy Leaders.”  Home Energy Leaders will use the information and resources they gain in Juneau to engage their fellow community members to reduce energy use. This includes changing out up to five bulbs to LEDs.

CALL TODAY! Community members interested in participating in the program as an Energy Leader or a resident participant should contact SSP Energy Catalyst Shaina Kilcoyne, or (907) 331 – 7409. 

This program is unique because it provides the Home Energy Leaders with the knowledge and hardware to enable them to immediately implement efficiency improvements in their community when they return from the training.

Training: The one-day training in Juneau will be presented by a team that includes Certified Energy Manager Jim Fowler of Energy Audits of Alaska, a representative from the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation and local utility experts. There are limited travel scholarships available for Yakutat, Hoonah, Kake, Angoon and Metlakatla. Contact Shaina Kilcoyne at for more information.  The January 23rd training will include the following content:

  • Analysis of utility bills and consumption
  • Light bulb savings comparison
  • Use of kilowatt meters to assess appliance draw
  • Eliminating phantom power consumption & using power strips
  • Installation of weather stripping and reduction of air infiltration
  • Programming and using programmable thermostats
  • Testing water temperature
  • Checking air filters and refrigeration coils
  • Installing faucet aerators and low flow showerheads
  • A hands-on site visit to a home

In addition to the training content, Home Energy Leaders will also receive an ipad to work on and materials necessary to engage residents in their communities including: Home Energy Savings guides; energy cost charts with community-specific rates; kilowatt meters; LED bulbs; thermometers; faucet aerators; power strips; and weather stripping.

Resident Participation: After qualifying the resident, the Home Energy Leader will schedule and perform a “site assessment”, which includes analysis of heat and electric consumption, light bulb inventory and LED swap out, plug load assessment, installation of weather stripping, refrigeration coil and air filter check, installation of aerators and low flow shower heads.  Site assessment features will be completed as needed.

Each participating resident must pay $25 for the site assessment, which will go back into the Program to allow more homes to be assessed. Limited funds are available for supplies and to compensate Energy Leaders for their time, contact for more information. 

Thank you for your interest in this program.  Please direct any inquiries to:  Shaina Kilcoyne | Renewable Energy Alaska Project | Sustainable Southeast Partnership | | 907-331-7409

Robert Venables |Southeast Conference | | 907-723-0177

This program is funded by the Alaska Conservation Foundation and the Sustainable Southeast Partnership



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