Sitka Science Youth Mentor Program

Science mentor poster session with high school senior and USFS wildlife biologist.

Project Name: Sitka Collaborative Stewardship Group

Community: Sitka

Support Organization: SCS

Support Organization Staff: Scott Harris

Target Outcomes: Adaptive Learning

Strategies: Engagement and Empowerment, Capacity Development, Learning to Adapt, Storytelling

P&P Funding: $13,000

Partners: Sitka School District, Sitka Sound Science Center, USFS, ADFG, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Other Funding: $18,000

Narrative Description: This project will facilitate the development of a high school student – scientist mentor program that encourages local youth to pursue college educations and careers in natural resource stewardship. This project will pair each of 3-6 students with either a scientist or professional natural resource manager. Over the course of the school year, each student-scientist team will develop, implement, and report on an ecological research or monitoring study that is pertinent to current natural resource issues. Each year students will share their work with the community. Students will learn valuable ecological research skills, gain an understanding of local resource issues, and gain valuable insight into natural resource management careers.