Sitka Young Growth Utilization

Merchantable Young Growth decked in Southeast Alaska.

Project Name: Sitka Young Growth Utilization Project

Community: Sitka

Support Organization: SCS

Support Organization Staff: Zia Brucaya

Target Outcomes: Community Visions, Capacity Development

Strategies: Engagement and Empowerment, Capacity Development, Storytelling

P&P Funding: $10,000

Partners: Sitka High School, Sitka Collaborative Stewardship Group, USFS PNW Research Station, JEDC Small Mills Working Group, Sustainable Northwest, and regional partner organizations (SEACC, TNC, etc.).

Other Funding: $12,666

Narrative Description: The Young Growth Utilization project seeks to ensure that Tongass old growth habitat is maintained and second growth restoration is prioritized by developing regional markets for second growth and restoration byproducts. The activities associated with this project will advance the USDA Transition Strategy by supporting the transition to an industry based on second growth. The project will lead to community engagement and empowerment around local and regional natural resource issues; capacity development through education, vocational training, and new market connections; intra-regional economic development; second growth habitat restoration; and new storytelling and media opportunities.