Scott and Minnie checking out the large wood placements in Twelvemile Creek

Scott and Minnie checking out the large wood placements in Twelvemile Creek

I visited the communities of Kasa’áan, beautiful village (Kasaan) and Xikt’áa (Hydaburg), and the Twelvemile Creek Restoration Monitoring Project between April 4 and 7. Bob Christensen joined me.

In Kasaan, we met up with Carrie Sykes, the SSP Community Catalyst, and members of the tribal council. We discussed several potential SSP projects that have been vetted through with the Organized Village of Kasaan, and then were treated to a tour of the community. The highlight was the Whale House, which is undergoing an impressive restoration.

We also met Shane Scamahorn, one of the teachers, and discussed opportunities to involve the school and potentially students in the Stream Team activities that will take place at Twelvemile Creek later in the month.

This must have been a popular day to do business in Kasaan, because our visit coincided with a visit by the Sealaska Corporation and Haa Aani. We met many of the community members, board and staff of Sealaska, and most importantly met Alana Peterson, the SSP Regional Catalyst for Economic Development.

During the next 2 days, we conducted field work at the Twelvemile Creek Restoration Site. We have a partnership with the Tongass National Forest and the National Forest Foundation to conduct effectiveness monitoring and outreach. Over the weekend, we scouted locations for the Stream Team activity – where nearly 50 students from Craig, Klawock, and Hydaburg will practice hands-on learning collecting water quality and benthic macroinvertebrate data.

At Twelvemile, we also met with Minnie Kadake, Community Catalyst for Hydaburg, and her nephew. We checked out much of the restoration work and discussed possibilities for hand-crew restoration work for the HCA crew (Hydaburg Cooperative Association). Bob also tested a method of using a remotely controlled quad-copter to make observations of restoration structures.

On Monday, we met with Minnie and Tony Christianson in Hydaburg. We discussed potential collaborative projects. We also met with Howie Daggs, a teacher at the Hydaburg School, and he’s excited to work with us on the student monitoring project

It rained quite a bit, so Bob and I returned to Twelvemile Creek to check on the monitoring equipment. Some gear was in imminent danger of floating downstream, so we spent some time moving things to higher ground.

Follow-up for this trip is to work with Carrie and Alana on a potential project in Kasaan, and working with Minnie on some educational programs in Hydaburg.