Sitka Community Catalyst

marjorie-hennesseyMarjorie Hennessy is the Sitka Community Catalyst and serves as the Conservation Solutions Director with the Sitka Conservation Society. Marjorie grew up in central and north Florida and attended the University of Florida. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Ecology and a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. Marjorie has spent several years working as a field biologist in Florida with a few stints in California and Argentina. While in grad school she conducted a landscape scale research and planning project with a rural community in the Dominican Republic. Marjorie then went on to work as a land planner with private firms in Miami and Montana until relocating to the Midwest to serve as the Assistant Director of the Center for Urban Ecology (CUE) at Butler University. The CUE focused on community development and sustainability through environmental stewardship and on the ground projects.

Marjorie relocated to Sitka in 2013 to pursue similar community based initiatives including developing young-growth timber markets, affordable housing and food security issues. Through the SSP she works on a several community and regional projects seeking to improve Tongass land management and serve as models for other SE communities. Marjorie’s projects work with community partners and stakeholders to develop local capacity and to ensure that the Tongass’ resources are sustainably managed, enhanced and explored to the benefit of local communities.

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