The Value of Collaboration: An Impact Analysis


This report presents an impact evaluation of the SSP carried out in 2018. The outcomes and benefits of our work are identified, classified and then valued in dollar-equivalent terms. The purpose of this report was to examine and analyze, as rigorously as possible, the self-reported outcomes and benefits of participating in the network. Feedback was elicited from the widest possible cross-section of SSP participants, stakeholders, and community residents. The information presented is based on a series of anonymous and private semi-structured interviews, focus groups, and surveys. The findings are based on five overarching outcomes defined by SSP’s Steering Committee. 

Abridged Materials

Impact Evaluation Summary

This report presents an abridged version of The Value of Collaboration impact evaluation carried out in 2018.  It provides an overview of SSP’s overarching outcomes and focus areas, the community and regional surveys, the impact multiplier, monetary benefit, and cost-benefit ratio. The evidence presented supports the conclusion that the SSP has so far succeeded in its vision in measurable was in both community and regional levels.

Benefit Mapping

This report aims to identify, classify and understand the benefits of participating in the SSP network. The benefit maps provided are one component of The Value of Collaboration impact evaluation carried out in 2018 and are based on community focus groups and supplementary semi-structured one-on-one interviews carried out in SSP target communities. This report speaks to the myriad of complex and interdependent benefits that SSP’s work has created and facilitated throughout the region.