Sustainable Southeast Partnership Framework

SSP Framework

The SSP is a Collective Impact initiative that is designed to operate at both community and regional scales. Collective Impact is proving to be a successful approach to solving complex social, environmental and economic problems throughout the world, particularly when the solutions require a diverse range of stakeholder involvement.

One of the keys to success is developing commitment to a common goal and set of principles like those that are on previous pages. One of the other keys to success is the existence of a solid framework for communications and shared learning. Toward that end, we have developed a program structure that is designed to support a common understanding of our overall goal and principles, as well as rigorous and transparent system of shared measurement. The core components of this structure are:

  • Leadership Team – fund raises, develops the common agenda and overall strategic approach.
  • Program Director – implements the common agenda and system for measuring change while promoting a triple bottom line approach and shared learning through regular communications.
  • Community Catalysts – lead the work on the ground by tapping the SSP into real community priorities and building the local capacity that is necessary for project success.
  • Regional Catalysts – work closely with community catalysts on assessing, identifying, and accomplishing project priorities for community sustainability. Regional catalysts also work to improve the broader social environment for success.
  • Sustainable Southeast Network – a collaborative network of individuals and organizations who share lessons learned and develop a common voice for sustainable community development.

SSP framework

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