Strategic Plan

Synergizing food, shelter, energy and economic needs.Guided by the theory of change described above, we have developed a general strategic plan for catalyzing sustainable community development in Southeast Alaska. This strategic plan includes a wide range of objectives, for example:

  • Engage and empower communities to collaborate on visions for sustainable development.
  • Facilitate tribal collaboration and cultural empowerment
  • Assist with the design of sustainable production, consumption and recycling
  • Assess & develop workforce capacity
  • Demonstrate examples of a USFS “transition” to diversified and sustainable community-based natural resource management
  • Conduct ecological restoration
  • Employ conservation science
  • Identify policy needs
  • Monitor, educate and use adaptive management
  • Use “storytelling” to promote the norms and values of sustainable community development

The objectives listed above target environmentally, socially and economically focused project areas but the key to increasing our collective impact is to develop our projects to be synergistic across sectors and disciplines. Each of the communities we are working with share a common interest in food, shelter and energy security as well as cultural diversity, ecological integrity and economic self-reliance. Implementing projects that address these common issues and connect the dots across areas of expertise will dramatically increase the net benefits across the Triple Bottom Line.

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