Sustainable Southeast Network



First Sustainable Southeast Network gathering (then P&P) – group field trip to the Wrangell Mill.

Our ability to scale up and connect the work we are supporting in remote rural communities in Southeast Alaska will rely upon a process of building relationships into a social network of sustainability practitioners. Toward that end, we have launched the Sustainable Southeast Network.

The core of this network is comprised of the SSP community and regional catalysts and partner representatives. Our hope is that through sharing on the ground innovations, and the lessons learned along the way, we will experience an emergence of a whole that far exceeds the sum of its parts; a transformation toward balancing vibrant communities, ecological resilience and economic self-reliance.

We have partnered with an existing organization that specializes in networking rural communities for sustainable development in Southeast Alaska (the Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition or SAWC) to help build and maintain the Sustainable Southeast Network. SAWC will add considerable capacity to the SSP by supporting communications within and between catalysts, communities and partner organizations. Additionally, SAWC’s existing network of member groups represent five more communities that will quickly increase the collective impact of the SSP.

We expect the Sustainable Southeast Network to meet in person 1-2 times each year and to actively communicate with other members throughout the year via the Sustainable Southeast and SAWC web sites, teleconference calls and sub-group work sessions and field trips. 

Thanks again for your interest in the SSP. Please check out SSP blog posts for updates on the progress of our work and do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or ideas to share.

First annual meeting of our budding partnership - Wrangell 2012.

First annual meeting of our budding partnership – Wrangell 2012.