Theory of Change

The SSP ‘theory of change’ grounds the work of sustainable development at the community level while supporting opportunities for scaling up to broader collective impacts. There are four key steps in this theory of change:

  1. Support residents in creating visions for environmental, social and economic sustainability;
  2. Assist residents in assessing and developing local capacity to act on those visions;
  3. Work with residents on innovative on the ground projects that implement their visions; and,
  4. Collaborate on a system for capturing lessons from the P&P effort and communicate them to a range of audiences for education, adaptive management and social transformation.

Theory of Change Recipe

One of the most important aspects of this theory of change is to start out by simply listening to the community enough to understand where they are ready to engage in the process of sustainable development. Working side by side with residents on their community priorities is the key to our success and is a core component of our overall strategic plan.

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