SSP Communication Tools

The SSP includes over a dozen participating staff from more than ten different organizations that are based in 7 remote locations throughout Southeast Alaska. Working together under these circumstances is challenging to say the least, but we understand that relationship building and regular communications are essential to our success so we are developing tools to help us work as a team even though we are spread out across many thousands of square miles of island archipelago (see below).

For example, we have created the SSP listserve to support the circulation of announcements and basic conversations among all SSP staff. If you would like to email all the SSP staff at once use this address: This is a Google Groups service that archives previous discussions at a website here.

We are using two more Google services to support communication between SSP staff and partners: Google Hangouts and Google Communities. The Google Hangout service allows us to use video conferencing of up to 10 people at the same time. There we can also share webinars live, as well as record them for later viewing on YouTube.

Our Google Community web page, like the listserve, is designed to facilitate and archive topical discussions and announcements but with the added benefits of social networking tools, the ability to schedule events, share documents and multimedia items like photos and videos. You can visit the SSP Google Community here.