This workshop is being hosted in Wrangell at the Sourdough Lodge.

Tongass Stewardship Coordinator Peer Learning Workshop

October 22 – 24, 2012 Wrangell, Alaska

The first in-person meeting for the network of stewardship coordinators in southeast Alaska is being held in Wrangell, October 22-24. The focus of this meeting is to bring together a group of 15-20 folks who are working on community projects throughout the region and provide them an opportunity to share what they have learned, identify opportunities and challenges and strategize on how to work collaboratively on common issues. We want the group to learn about the projects you are working on:

  1. Why and how did your project(s) get started?
  2. Who is supporting and engaged in the work?
  3. What things are going well and what are the challenges to success?
  4. How might the work you are doing benefit from collaboration?

Our primary goal is to establish a network of resources and expertise that support the work you are engaged with in your community and identify specific methods to experiment with facilitating regional collaboration. We expect some common themes to emerge that will lead us to action planning for achieving common goals.

Hope to see you there!