The community of Kake is a tribal village that is currently comprised of about 450 people. Community economics and demographics have been severely challenged by the boom and bust of the timber industry and the high costs of energy with current unemployment rate of about 85% and resident out-migration of about 40% in the last 5 years. Corporation and Forest Service lands surrounding the community have been mostly clear-cut logged so there is considerable opportunity for active forest stewardship on both public and private lands. Significant natural resource development and ecosystem service potential exist but reduced social capacity and the high costs of energy hinder sustainable community development.

Community engagement, capacity development and sustainable community design strategies are currently the primary focus in Kake. Food security and indigenous empowerment strategies will be implemented in the near future. We have partnered with the Organized Village of Kake in hiring a part-time Stewardship Coordinator to work with project leads on existing and newly developing projects.

Kake projects:

Click here to learn more about the community-based renewable energy project or click here to learn more about the Kake Comunity Forest project.