The community of Wrangell is located on the northern tip of Wrangell Island and includes 2,400 residents. The Wrangell Borough is about 3,000 square miles and includes outlying areas, such as Olive Cove, Thoms Place, and Meyers Chuck. The community is 20 percent Native American. Historically, Wrangell’s economy was based on timber, fishing, and tourism.

In the mid-90s, when the local mill closed, 250 people were unemployed overnight and the community was nearly shuttered. With meaningful community planning and investment, Wrangell’s timber-based economy has been slowly replaced by a growing marine service industry and individual and small group visitors businesses.

Timber still plays a role in the community with two small mill operators that process around 1.5 million board feet of wood per year. Many in Wrangell are working to maximize economic development through the responsible use of the surrounding natural resources. Wrangell has a high level of capacity to perform a range of forest stewardship related work. PP strategies in Wrangell currently focus on community engagement and capacity development for sustainable economic activity but it is likely that indigenous culture strategies will be engaged in the short-term future.