20151110_113934Four Sustainable Southeast Partnership partners traveled to Yakutat in November to participate in the Yakutat 2020 Strategic Planning Event. This meeting is a community wide effort to develop a strategic plan around Housing, Technology/Education, Healthcare, and Economic Development. It was hosted by the The Yakutat Tlingit Tribe and other represented organizations included Yakutat Kwaan, City & Borough of Yakutat, Yakutat School District, Indian Health Services, Rasmuson Foundation, USDA Rural Development, and Action Strategy. Attendee. Participants spent two days discussing ideas, sharing concerns, and identifying roles and actions that each organization can take to move the community forward over the next 5 years.  

Over the two day event, it became clear that if the community wants to successfully build a new health clinic, improve housing shortages, grow the economy, and provide quality education to youth, it will only do so by forging relationships among organizations and finding creative ways together to solve those challenges. At the same time, it was determined that the community of Yakutat could benefit by tapping into the larger SSP network. Yakutat has since brought on a Community Catalyst that is working directly with SSP partners.

Participating SSP organizations included Haa Aaní, LLC, The Nature Conservancy, and Renewable Energy Alaska Project. The success of this event shows that within the region we collectively have the ability to strengthen our communities. Great strides forward can be made by  sharing information, skills and resources across organizational boundaries. SSP is a collective impact initiative where partner organizations and communities share values of increasing community resiliency, and ensuring that future generations can continue to prosper in Southeast Alaska and we look forward to continuing our work with Yakutat!