Regenerative: to regenerate, to reinvigorate, to replenish. The Sustainable Southeast Partnership (SSP) believes that strong economies don’t simply rely on extractive models. Healthy economies give. They replenish us.  In 2016, tourism surpassed the seafood sector as the most economically significant private industry in Southeast Alaska.  

As opportunities to develop our visitor industry grow within our rural villages, we want to ensure that this industry givesto our communities, creates meaningful opportunities for our children, and respects and honors our culture and the health of our homelands

That is why Allen Marine, Sealaska and SSP have created a ‘Regenerative Tourism Catalyst’ position who will be dedicated to ensuring that local voices and entities are helping chart the course of the visitor industry.  

In Southeast Alaska, we want local control. We want our communities to decide what scale and what type of tourism matches the needs and priorities of its people. We want locally owned businesses to thrive. We want our unique culture celebrated and valued. We want ownership of our story. We want our natural resources, our fish, our water, our homelands respected.

Alaska is beautiful, abundant, and unlike anywhere else on earth. We are excited to share our home with the world, on our own terms. We are ready to seize the opportunities tourism offers rural Alaska. We know that visitors leave the Southeast in awe and inspired. We also know that the best experiences are ones that are mutually beneficial.   

We firmly believe that together, we can develop a thriving and meaningful visitor industry. 

We are hiring a driven, passionate person to help us. Is that you?