Yakutat is a rural, fishing village located on the northern tip of Southeast Alaska. Historically, Yakutat was the principal winter village of the Tlingit Clans in the area. Yakutat is located two hundred and twelve miles northwest of Juneau and three hundred eighty miles south of Anchorage. The Clans traditional territory is approximately the same as the City and Borough of Yakutat boundaries, which encompass nine thousand four hundred and sixty square miles. The total population of Yakutat is approximately 442 residents, of whom about 46.8% are American Indian/Alaskan Native. There are two Alaska Airlines flights per day, year round, limited Alaska Marine Highway ferry service in the summer (two ferries per month May-October and Alaska Marine Lines barge service approximately 9-12 times per year. With no roads connecting Yakutat to other outside communities, the village is isolated and only accessible by air or water.

The isolation of the Community is both its hindrance and its beauty. The isolation causes the cost of living to rise and the year around residency to drop. The remoteness of Yakutat means that it is surrounded by vast mountains, flats, rivers and ocean. It can truly can amaze you every day if you stop and look at it. Two main areas where the Sustainable Southeast Partnership catalyst had focused are: affordable housing and a faster and reliable internet service.

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Yakutat Housing

Affordable year-round housing is a challenge in Yakutat. There are few properties that are available and this allows landlords to rent houses in less than respectable condition to keep renting.  Yakutat Tlingit Tribe and the City and Borough of Yakutat are partnering to tackle this challenge by building and renting affordable homes in Yakutat. Together they have secured $1,629,00 in grants and partnerships to fund a comprehensive housing project to help families stay in and move back to the community. 

Yakutat Culture Camp

Yakutat’s Culture Camp (Haa Yaakwdáat Kusteeyi Yanshuká) is an overnight camp facilitated by Yakutat Tlingit Tribe and created with thanks to a long list of partners and volunteers. The goal is to encourage campers to respect themselves, the natural environment, and the traditional tribal values and clan systems of the Yakutat Tlingit.

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