We are in the midst of the fishing season. Since time immemorial, the lives and well-being of the Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian peoples of Southeast Alaska are intertwined with salmon. 

To celebrate the interconnections between salmon, culture, and living a good life, we invite you to check out an essay, a visual lesson, and a video story featuring Southeast Alaska Native voices to inspire you and your connections to fish during the Local Foods Challenge. 

In her essay, “The Art of Salmon,” Vivian Faith Prescott of Planet Alaska explores her connections to fishing and family. Check out more from Vivian at ( and the Planet Alaska Store and Gallery (



This “How to make Tlingit dried fish” lesson by retired teacher Pauline Duncan of Sitka provides a step-by-step process for making this mouthwatering traditional food. Find this poster and other traditional food recipes, stories, and photos in the book Tlingit Recipes of Today and Long Ago by Pauline Duncan. Over 80 pages include a variety of traditional foods including salmon, herring eggs, berries, plants, deer, tideland, seal, wildlife, and halibut. A limited number of copies are still available. Email to purchase your copy today from Pauline. 


Listen and watch Sealaska Heritage Institute’s production of Shanyaak’utlaax̱: Salmon Boy story read in Tlingit (with English Subtitles)  

Excerpted from the YouTube description:

Told throughout Southeast Alaska, Salmon Boy illustrates significant cultural concepts about salmon – including that they feel and make choices, they attend to human action and communication, that they require respectful treatment, and that they will not return if they are not treated with respect – that are in turn translated into a number of principles on how salmon should be treated. 

The video highlights cultural, ecological and spiritual relationships between Southeast Alaska Natives and salmon. Shanyaak’utlaax̱ is a story based on an ancient oral narrative associated with several clans including the Kiks.ádi, L’eeneidí and Lukaax̱.ádi. This version is based mainly on the Kiks.ádi story and features Tlingit narrator Ḵaagwáask’ Ishmael Hope, Kiks.ádi; Tlingit illustrator Sheit.een Michaela Goade, Kiks.ádi; and Tlingit narrative consultants Naakil.aan Hans Chester, L’uknax̱.ádi; Ḵaagwáask’ Ishmael Hope, Kiks.ádi; and Kingesití David Katzeek, Shangukeidí. 

Many of the illustrations featured in the video were created for the children’s book Shanyaak’utlaax̱: Salmon Boy as part of SHI’s Baby Raven Reads series. The award-winning book, illustrated by Michaela Goade, is available through the Sealaska Heritage Store at