Southeast Alaska Traditional Plants Summit and Celebration

Protecting what we love

October 1-3, 2020

 Gunalchéesh, Haw’aa, Nt’oyaxsn, Thank You to all our respected elders, harvesters, interested community members, and youth who joined us for this virtual gathering to bring together Alaska Native plant harvesters from around Southeast Alaska to learn, appreciate, and network with each other to celebrate traditional  edible and medicinal plants and to discuss and share stories, teachings, and best practices for respectful harvesting and protecting what we love in Southeast Alaska.  The summit also featured plant videos and a food sovereignty showcase of projects from around Southeast.

Check back for information on opportunities to network, stay connected, learn and strengthen our communities together. 

This gathering would not have been possible without the time, energy, expertise, and support from many individuals and organizations. We extend our deep gratitude to Spruce Root, the Sustainable Southeast Partnership, the Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition, the Kayaaní Commission of Sitka Tribe of Alaska, Kaasei Training and Consulting, and Planet Alaska for organizing this event. We appreciate the Native American Agriculture Fund (NAAF) for grant funding for this event, and for supporting food sovereignty in communities across the nation.

Special thanks to our respectful harvesting working group and summit planning committee

Marina Anderson

Trixie Bennett

Kh’asheechtla Louise Brady

Akléi Helen Dangel

Sooktushaa Patty Dick

Kaaxwáan Dawn Jackson

Edna Jackson

Ka’illuus Lisa Lang

Naomi Leask

Ghooxk’ Brenda Leask

Kaasei Naomi Michalsen

Yéilk’ Vivian Mork

Jennifer Nu

Shaagunasstaa Robert Sam


Many thanks to the following individuals and organizations for your guidance and support:

Grandmother Rita Blumenstein

Ruth Booth

Aldyn Brudie

Scott Brylinski

Ahl’lidaaw Terri Burr

Iilsxilee Gloria Burns

Rob Cadmus

Elizabeth Campbell

Della Cheney

Susan Stark Christianson

Ilskyaalas Delores Churchill

Lione Claire

Ricardo Contreras

La quen náay Elizabeth Medicine Crow

T’sa T’see Naakw Meda DeWitt

Pauline Duncan

Aaron Ferguson

Jeff Feldspauch

Sganggwaay, Dolly Garza

Kenney Grant

Moriah Hayes

Isabella Haywood

Joseph Hillaire

Glenn Hollowell

Lani Hotch

Sonia Ibarra

Richard Jackson

Janice Jackson

Elise Krohn

Ian Johnson

Melody Leask

Naomi Leask

Michelle Morris

Shtowk Dennis Nickerson

K’yuuhlgaansii Fred Olsen

Gah Kith Tin Alana Peterson

Lgeik’i Heather Powell

Daxootsu Judy Ramos

Kaakal.aat  Florence Sheakley

Valerie Segrest

Phillip Sharclane

Shellie Tabb

Troy Tynes

Yeidukdudei Carol Williams

X’aax’aax Tammy Young

First Alaskans Institute

Haa Tóo Yéi Yatee culture camp

Huna Heritage Foundation

Sitka Tribe of Alaska Resource Protection Department

Tongass Tlingit Cultural Heritage Institute


Dedicated to the Kayaaní Commission.

Honoring the founding commissioners: Marion Donthier, Irene Jimmy, Jessie Johnnie, Naomi Kanosh, Ethel Mackinen, Lori Peterson, and Robert Sam.