The Sustainable Southeast Partnership addresses complex social, environmental, and economic challenges through cross-sector coordination and brings together diverse partners from throughout the region. Our collective impact network model is based on commitment across organizations and individuals to a common agenda, shared infrastructure, continuous communication, mutually reinforcing activities, and a shared measurement framework. The Sustainable Southeast Partnership is leaning into the future to find pathways for development that bring together traditional Alaska Native Values with a pursuit of sustainability as the region moves into the next chapter facing rapidly changing global environmental and
economic conditions. The SSP program director plays a unique role in helping shape and coordinate this work and lead the partnership forward to build this future.

Help us to envision and build a more just and equitable Southeast Alaska where communities thrive culturally, ecologically and economically.

In conjunction with the Spruce Root, Inc. team, the Sustainable Southeast Partnership Program Director provides vision, leadership and strategic direction for the SSP network. Representing a diverse network of individuals and organizations, this role is essential to driving the collective vision and implementing the strategy. The Program Director is responsible for preparing and overseeing annual SSP budgets, providing support to all SSP Catalysts, tracking progress and performance, and building overall capacity for triple-bottom-line community development. This position reports directly to the Executive Director of Spruce Root, and receives strategic
guidance from the SSP Steering Committee.

Applications are due August 5th, 2020. The below button links to a position description document, check your downloads. For questions, please reach out to