Kake Community Catalyst

adam-davisAdam Davis is working for the Organized Village of Kake on community economic development with a special emphasis on affordable and renewable community energy. He has this to say about his work as an Sustainable Southeast Partnership community catalyst:

“I am an Alaskan Native, I choose to live off the land as much as possible while still maintaining a connection to the 21 century. There are those who would tell me to be a native and to be called traditional you can only do things in the traditional way. I say that is wrong, my people were innovators who lived in harmony with the land and were not afraid to adopt new ways if it made their life easier and did not harm their environment. I am currently in a position where I can make a real lasting impact not only on my community but for future generations like my children and hopefully one day their children as well. It is my goal to make Kake a thriving, self-sustaining and healthy community for all, and to not just exist because of hand-outs from the government. At this point we have a long road ahead of us and we do maintain a decent quality of life, but I believe we could achieve the highest standard of living while bringing pride back to a people who have long had it stripped from them. Right now we are at a precipice on one side we have the intertie and on the other we have local hydro power. Thanks to working with folks in the Sustainable Southeast Partnership we have a choice. With further funding and technical assistance I believe we will be able to prove my idea that we could have the all locally produced hydro power we need not only to cover our needs today but for the future as well.”

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