Kasaan Community Harvest Weekend

The Organized Village of Kasaan and the Sustainable Southeast Partnership will host the 3rd Annual Kasaan Community Harvest Weekend! The Kasaan Community Harvest weekend brings together people from Kasaan, Hydaburg, and other Prince of Wales communities to harvest, process, share, and celebrate local and traditional foods. 

Save the date

The 3rd Annaul Kasaan Community Harvest Weekend will be July 16 – 17, 2016, starting at 9 AM each day. The goal of this event is to share harvesting, processing, and preserving techniques and traditions. This year a portion of the food will be saved for the Whale House re-dedication (September 3rd, 2016), other foods will be shared among participants.

All are welcome to join in the festivities. There is no cost to attend the weekend event, however, we do ask you to RSVP by email (see below) so we can plan accordingly.  Additionally, this year we are looking for donations of salmon and berries to preserve and share over the weekend.

For information and RSVP:

Carrie Sykes, Organized Village of Kasaan


Check Out the 2014 Kasaan Community Harvest Video

The 2015 Kasaan Community Harvest

The second annual Kasaan Community Harvest was a great success! Thank you to all who made this event possible and to all the participants. The group harvested and put up elderberry jelly, thimbleberry jam, smoked and fresh salmon, venison and devils club salve. Check out photos from the event and resources… [Read more]

The 2014 Kasaan Community Harvest

In Kasaan, a Haida community, food is culture and serves to instill a sense of pride in identity and culture. Traditional foods serve as medicines for physical, spiritual, and mental well-being and reconnect people to the land, nature, and their traditions. Over the course of three days 27 people (primarily from Kasaan and Hydaburg) congregated to learn about identification, proper harvesting techniques, and processing methods of wild foods, medicines, and material.. [Read more]