It has been a busy couple of months as I have been shifting gears out of winter mode and into spring mode. 

In March I worked while partially on vacation in Hawaii. I spent most of my time on these items:


Bob takes a “selfie” with the Phantom quad-copter while training on the Big Island.

  • I reorganized and added to the SSP website so that it focuses more on sharing an overall program description and monthly reports;
  • I set up a few Google services to support improved communications between SSP staff, including: 1) A Google groups listserve for all SSP staff; 2) a Google community web page for more casual communications between SSP staff and partners; I set up a shared documents folder for SSP staff to access orientation documents for the program, share things like grant proposals that folks would like some editorial advice on, share photos and videos, etc.
  • I spent some time learning how to drive an unmanned air vehicle (UAV). The purpose of this device is to get video and still images from community field trips that can be used by our media savvy folks to better share the stories of the work that we are supporting through the SSP. I have begun to organize a “clip bin” that is available as a sub-directory of our Google Documents folder.  Here is a link to check out a short clip that I took while working with Scott on 12 mile creek a couple weeks ago.
  • Brian and I assembled a report to the MAC foundation (our primary funder) on everything we have learned during the first 3 year grant period. This is being done with an eye toward submitting a proposal for a second round of funding in April (much appreciation to the MAC foundation for inviting a renewal proposal).
  • I completed new grants for everyone except Kake and Hoonah but they both have copies and should be done soon.
  • I began organizing a small workshop for developing a second growth management vision that can be referred to by interested parties on the FACA committee.

In April, most of my time went into writing the proposal to the MAC foundation for a renewal grant for 2014-2017. This was an intense but very rewarding process that I am confident will greatly improve the effectiveness of our program. We will know whether the proposal has been accepted sometime in May.

Also in April:

  • I visited Prince of Wales Island with Scott. You can read my trip report here or Scott’s version here.
  • Right after the Prince of Wales trip, I went to Juneau to facilitate that young growth visioning meeting mentioned above. It was a two day affair that included: Michael Kampnich, Norm Cohen and Keith Rush from TNC, Brian McNitt from ACF, Steve Brockman from the USFWS, Andrew Thoms from SCS and Richard Carstensen of Discovery Southeast. The meeting was very productive and resulted in a number of consensus points that we hope to build on in the weeks leading up to the first FACA meeting. I hope to be able to share a summary report here within a week or two.
  • I met with John Hillman, Bob Starbard and John Hyde in Hoonah to develop an action plan for submitting a grant to the NRCS that would result in 3 years of funding for the Hoonah Indian Association (HIA) to work with SEALASKA and Huna Totem corporations on assessing watershed conditions and developing detailed management plans and associated programs of work that could be carried out by the HIA work crews on silviculture, habitat enhancement, recreation and tourism development, non-timber forest products cultivation, etc. for approximately 75,000 acres of land near Hoonah. I am expecting that a pretty fair chunk the remainder of April will go into this grant writing effort and I am looking forward to working with folks from HIA, SEALASKA, Huna Totem, and the USFS in putting it together.
  • Of course there are always a number of phone calls with community and regional catalysts so I can stay up to date on what is going on, look for opportunities for synergy and/or offer my skills to our collective effort.

That is about it for now. Until May!