Community-based Monitoring


Stream pebble counts with youth for baseline monitoring of fish habitat restoration.

Project Name: Sitka Community-based Monitoring Program

Community: Sitka

Support Organization: Sitka Sound Science Center

Support Organization Staff: Scott Harris

Target Outcomes: Adaptive Learning

Strategies: Engagement and Empowerment, Capacity Development, Science, Learning to Adapt, Storytelling

P&P Funding: $17,000

Partners: Sitka Conservation Society, USFS – Sitka Ranger District, USFS Forest Sciences Lab, University/s TBD, Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center?

Other Funding: $0

Narrative Description: This program will facilitate the development of community-based monitoring and adaptive management practices for natural resource stewardship. It will integrate existing community-based, project-specific monitoring efforts into one holistic program. It will create the framework for a long-term, multi-party, community-based monitoring program for the marine and terrestrial ecosystems surrounding Sitka; and increase the validity and scientific rigor of monitoring programs. Direct involvement of community members and high school and university students will be a primary focus and will lead to a better understanding of and engagement in natural resource issues. Emphasis will also be placed on using the results of this program to inform the adaptive management process.