Sitka Restoration Capacity

Excavator working on Sitkoh River Restoration project.

Project Name: Community Capacity Building for Collaborative Restoration

Community: Sitka

Support Organization: SCS

Support Organization Staff: Scott Harris

Target Outcomes: Community Visions, Capacity Development

Strategies: Engagement and Empowerment, Capacity Development, Ecological Restoration, Storytelling

P&P Funding: $5,000

Partners: Sitka Collaborative Stewardship Group, USFS, ADFG, University of Alaska Fairbanks, TNC

Other Funding: $9,000

Narrative Description: This project will facilitate community capacity-building for collaborative ecological restoration. We will assemble existing ecological assessments and add a social measure to develop strategic priorities for restoration. We will work closely with the SCSG to integrate a wide diversity of stakeholders and ensure community commitment to the process. We will create and facilitate a task force composed of agency and private partners that will resolve obstacles and inefficiencies in Contracting and Grants & Agreements. Once these increased capacities are in place, they will be utilized to develop and implement more restoration projects.  We will use accomplishments locally to open the doors for opportunities across the entire region.