Sitka is a Tlingit community on the outer coast of Baranof Island. Sitka is home to many community-driven initiatives, including a commercial kitchen space and a workforce development program that guides high school students in the construction of a tiny home using sustainable sourced local timber. Sitka is home to just under 9,000 year-round residents with an economy, like the region as a whole, reliant on commercial fishing, tourism, and government jobs. Sitka is nestled in the Tongass National Forest where families hunt, gather foods, hike, play, fish and find inspiration. 

Featured Work

Check out some of our collaborative projects in Sitka.

Tongass Tiny Home

The Tongass Tiny Home is a local project from start to finish: built by students in Sitka’s High School construction class using local wood from the Tongass National Forest. Students gain hands-on construction experience and develop technical skills relevant to local industries while exploring the economic potential of the tiny home model for Southeast Alaska. The Tongass Tiny Home demonstrates how we can design and build our homes to meet climate needs, reduce material use, maximize energy efficiency, and reduce the overall carbon footprint of home construction. Buying locally produced wood means less fuel used and fewer emissions generated from shipping than importing timber from other states and countries. Also, local young-growth lumber, a more sustainable local wood option, is incorporated as much as possible into the Tongass Tiny Home construction. This is a partner rich project, initiated by the Sitka Conservation Society.

Sitka Kitch

The Sitka Kitch is a DEC certified community kitchen that seeks to foster a sustainable and healthy community and food system through education, business incubation and community building. The Kitch hosts culinary classes on food preparation, food preservation, nutrition, home economics, culinary skills and other subjects that support food security and a healthy Sitka. Local entrepreneurs and community members may rent the space to produce commercial foods or host private and public events.