Genesis and Development

SSP CommunitiesThe Sustainable Southeast Partnership is entering its third year of work. Up until 2014, this effort was called the “People and Place Program” and was founded on the innovative work of three conservation organizations working in Southeast Alaska: the Sitka Conservation Society, the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council and The Nature Conservancy; as well as the work of three tribal organizations: the Hoonah Indian Association, the Organized Village of Kake and the Hydaburg Cooperative Association.

In early¬†2014, we greatly diversified and added depth to our collective effort by partnering with Haa Aani‘, the Southeast Conference, the Organized Village of Kasaan and the Renewable Energy Alaska Project or REAP. In the coming years, we look forward growing¬†the partnership still more while honing our focus on a common goal and shared system of measurement.

The “Partnership” is actively working in five communities at this time: Hoonah, Sitka, Kake, Kasaan and Hydaburg. We hope to establish working relationships in at least 2 more communities by the end of 2015 so if you represent a local tribe, city government or community-based NGO and are interested in joining the Partnership please contact us using the link in the menu above.

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