Reporting and Measuring

The sweet-spot of SustainabilityIncreasing the collective impact of a diverse range of sustainable community development projects requires a shared evaluation process.  Identifying clear objectives, measurable indicators of progress and a common reporting system are key components of such a process.

Beginning in 2014 we will be supporting community sustainability by working in four primary focus areas: energy, food security, economic development and natural resource management – and we believe this effort will result in:

  • New businesses and jobs associated with a localization and diversification of the SE AK economy.
  • Reduction in fossil fuel use through conservation, efficiency and renewable alternatives.
  • Increased access to locally grown and harvested foods.
  • Increased community benefit from natural resource development and restoration activities.
  • Increased awareness of the interdependence between cultural vitality, economic self-reliance, food security and watershed health.
  • Increased collaboration through engagement of tribal, economic and social interest groups.

We are currently working with our regional and community partners on a shared system of measurement that will help us all keep track of whether we are able to deliver on the list above while we learn from both the successes and failures along the way.

Of course, in order to make all this learning useful, it must be shared. Toward that end we have begun the development of a peer-learning network. Click here to learn more about this network.