Energy Independence

In Southeast Alaska, reliance on fossil fuels is costly for our environment, economy and culture. We are fortunate to live in a region with access to local, renewable options for energy production.

The Sustainable Southeast Partnership (SSP) is committed to renewable energy solutions that are clean, reliable and sustainable. Together as partners, SSP strives to make Southeast Alaska less dependent on outside energy while finding ways to encourage more efficient use of existing energy resources. SSP partners work within communities to develop a combination of local, innovative renewable energy projects that directly benefit rural Alaska.

Hydro-power, biomass, solar, wind, and tidal all play a role in our region’s energy future. SSP works with local communities to ensure local involvement in, and benefit from, the evolution of our region’s energy system over the long-term.

Featured Work

Check out some of our ongoing energy projects across Southeast Alaska.

Biomass Heated Greenhouse Handbook

Pairing a greenhouse with a wood heating system can benefit communities by improving nutrition, lowering energy costs, and providing local employment opportunities. That is why the U.S. Forest Service and the Alaska Energy Authority have partnered to fund Alaska Biomass Heated Greenhouse Handbook. The Sustainable Southeast Partnership and the Southeast Island School District have been selected as sub-contractors to help write this handbook, which will be unveiled at the Wood Energy Conference April 11-12 in Ketchikan.

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