Resilient Peoples and Place in Southeast Alaska

The Sustainable Southeast Partnership is a diverse network of organizations and individuals working together to reach cultural, ecological and economic prosperity for our communities and region.

Who We Are

The Sustainable Southeast Partnership (SSP) is inclusive and diverse. Our partnership includes international, regional and community-based organizations as well as representatives from tribal governments in the rural Southeast Alaskan villages of Kake, Klawock, SitkaKasaan, HydaburgHoonah and Yakutat. Please visit our Staff Page to meet some of the people behind the partnership.

Below is a shortlist of core partners. When we work, we draw from the perspectives and resources of many additional organizations including cities, schools, and federal land managers.

How We Work


Our partners take a holistic approach to sustainable development. We believe that by focusing our efforts in the following areas we can inspire widespread change across all of Southeast Alaska.

A Localized Economy

We support place-based economies where locally owned and operated businesses thrive, natural resources are used sustainably and our unique cultural resources are leveraged.  Learn more.

Food Security

We work to forge resilient food systems that lessen our dependence on outside sources, spark food-based businesses and improve household and community health.  Learn more.

Energy Independence

We are committed to renewable energy options that are clean, affordable and sustainable. Together as partners, we strive to make Southeast Alaska less reliant on outside energy.  Learn more.

Fisheries and Forestry

Our partners work to ensure that sustainability, community priorities and local employment are central to the management of our lands and waters.  Read more.

Collaboration in Action: Updates from the Field

Our partners are working tirelessly on sustainable development in rural communities across Southeast Alaska. Follow along and join the movement.

Follow Along

Check out our blog for regular updates from the field, our storytelling page for an in depth look at sustainable community development in Southeast Alaska and join us on facebook!

The Sustainable Southeast Partnership also sends out a seasonal email newsletter that contains updates from our latest projects. This is our favorite way to share our work with you. Sign up, we promise you won’t regret it.

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Are You Ready for a Challenge?


Join the Local Foods Challenge, share and read stories of Southeast Alaskans localizing our regional food systems and more.

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