We help build sustainable food systems.

Our partners work to forge resilient community food systems that decrease dependence on outside sources, spark food-based business startups and improve household and community health.

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We support community-based forestry and fisheries.

We develop projects with land managers to ensure that local priorities and local employment are central to the management of our surrounding landscape.

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Sharing our Story

We believe that sharing compelling and progressive stories from our rural villages is invaluable for spreading knowledge, skills and inspiration across Southeast Alaska.

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We support business development and a robust local economy.

We develop and support programs that build place-based economies where locally-owned and operated businesses can thrive, natural resources are used sustainably and our unique cultural resources are leveraged.

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We work to develop clean community energy systems.

Our partners encourage more efficient use of energy resources while pursuing a combination of innovative renewable energy projects in rural communities.

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We envision a future for our families and region with prosperous self-reliant communities, a vibrant place-based culture, healthy functioning ecosystems and a robust local economy.

It is our collective mission to reach cultural, ecological and economic prosperity for Southeast Alaska.

Who We Are

The Sustainable Southeast Partnership (SSP) is a diverse network of international, regional and community-based organizations. SSP includes representatives from tribal governments and community organizations in the rural villages of Kake, Klawock, SitkaKasaan, HydaburgHoonah and Yakutat. Please visit our Staff Page to meet the people behind the partnership

How We Work

Emergent Solutions


We focus our efforts in the areas of natural resource management, food security, energy independence and economic development because we believe that success in these areas stimulates widespread positive change across our communities and region.

Intentional Collaboration


SSP creates the environment where partnership and effective collaboration thrives. Our partners represent diverse perspectives and bring together a wide-variety of insights and resources. As partners, we commit to regular communication and on-the-ground visits.



The wants, needs and priorities of our Alaskan communities stand at the core of our work. Our partners offer support, insight, resources and best-practices for tackling community-identified challenges. Currently, we work in Yakutat, Kake, Kasaan, Hydaburg, Hoonah, Klawock and Sitka.

The Latest and Greatest: Updates from the Field

Our partners are working tirelessly on sustainable development in rural communities across Southeast Alaska. Follow along and join the movement.

Applications Open Soon for the Traveling Greenhouse

If you give a classroom a bag of carrots, they will eat for a day. Teach a class how to garden and they can eat for a lifetime! The Traveling Greenhouse is about sharing knowledge and food production skills between schools across the region.

The greenhouse is currently in Kake for the 2016 growing season where the city, tribe and SEARHC are working with students to grow, sell, and share produce from the greenhouse and new school greenhouse.

Learn how this project supports healthy students while growing vibrant, sustainable, food-secure Alaskan communities. If you are interested in seeing the Traveling Greenhouse visit your community, check out our application information. Click here!

Follow Along!

Check out our blog for regular updates from the field, our storytelling page for an in depth look at sustainable community development in Southeast Alaska and join us on facebook!

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Community Voices

“All of the produce that can’t be sold, all of the outdated bread, all of the restaurant foods and school food, all of the scraps that are thrown away are barged out of here. It is just that insane. That food that is being thrown away is absolutely perfect food for pigs and poultry.”

Beating the Odds: Farmers Break New Ground in Southeast Alaska… Read On


Bobbi Daniels

The Sawmill Farm


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